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The Journey from Tree to Timber

You may have timber flooring, or a gorgeous timber cladding featured on your home, but do you really know how it got there? How has a tree been turned into this beautiful accessory for your home? Take a look at the journey your flooring, ...Read More

5 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Owning and/or selling a home is a personal journey.  There is a lot to learn as you run through the gambit of legal steps for selling a home, and there’s plenty to learn about owning a home.  Unfortunately, most of us never learn until ...Read More

Know How – Bathroom Layouts

No matter renovating your existing home or you’re moving into a new one, you’ll want to make sure your new bathroom fits your needs perfectly. After all, that’s the room where you and all the other members of your family will start and end ...Read More

6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Travertine Flooring

Looking for natural stone flooring? There are plenty of options to consider, so many that travertine may escape your notice. Here are just six reasons why it shouldn’t. Timeless Beauty All natural stone tiles bring a timeless appeal to your home, and travertine is ...Read More

Space Saving Tips For a Smaller Family Home

Sometimes families can’t always purchase the home of their dreams.  Because of financial constraints, they are sometimes required to live in a smaller space and make the best of it with the size of their family regardless.  However, it doesn’t have to be something ...Read More
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