3 Ways to Make Your Home A Safer Place For Your Kids

As a parent, you want your home to be a safe haven for your children to learn and grow. However, if you’re not careful, your home could become a dangerous place with many hazards that could potentially harm your child. Knowing this, it’s important that you’re constantly vigilant about keeping your child safe and keeping harm away. To help you do this more effectively, here are three ways you can make your home a safer place for your kids.

Of course, as a homeowner, you may already have all the necessary home security measures in place, such as having proper, secure, locks on all the doors and windows (likely with the help of a trusted residential locksmith service). While this may be the case, you can always look at ways to improve the safety of your house for your child(ren). Toddlers and pre-teens often have a penchant to get up to some wild things, so you must do everything on your part to ensure they stay safe.

Use Child Locks

If your children are too young to understand when things could harm them, it’s up to you to keep that harm out of their reach. One of the best ways to do this, according to Rebecca Felsenthal Stewart, a contributor to Parents.com, is to use child locks on things your child should keep away from. This should include things like cupboards or cabinets with chemicals in them, toilets, and doors to rooms they shouldn’t be in, like the garage. While it can be a nuisance that you have to use the child locks to get into some of the things you need, these tools will help keep your child safe when you can’t be there to watch their every move.

Install Safety Alarms

While you might like to think that your home is safe while you and your family are sleeping, dangers and hazards can still reach you at night. To know that you’re always being watched out for, SafeKids.org suggests installing alarms throughout your home. These alarms should be for fire and smoke as well as for carbon monoxide. Additionally, you could also install alarms through a security system that will inform you if the doors or windows open without your knowledge. This could help keep your child safe from harmful toxins as well as keep them from wandering off outside of your home.

Be Vigilant Around Water

Even if you don’t have a pool, it’s still very important that you’re constantly vigilant when your children are around water. Small children can drown in a very small amount of water, so it’s vital that you’re always with them whenever they’re in or around water. FamilyDoctor.org shares that especially during bath time, your child should always have adult supervision, even if they’re taking a bath with an older sibling. Also, keep anything electrical away from the bathtub. If your child were to pull in something like a blow dryer or curling iron, they could electrocute themselves.

To ensure that your child is always safe when spending time at home, consider using the tips mentioned above to make some changes to the safety and functionality of your home.