4 Key Elements in a Happy Marriage

Having a good relationship in a marriage is something that a lot of people would like to be able to have. Unfortunately, despite wanting to have a close bond with their partners, a lot of people wind up breaking up after a few short years.

Having a happy marriage isn’t something that happens by accident. It takes work and a commitment to putting daily effort towards your partnership. By consistently putting forth the work and giving attention to making your relationship the best possible, you should make sure that you aim for the following important elements.


No two people are the same regardless of how much they might love each other. You will never agree on everything constantly with your partner. There are moments when you will wonder how you ever agreed on anything at all, you’re so baffled by your clashing viewpoints.

There will be times that you want the blue curtains and they want the blinds. There will be moments where you want to install a new awning, and they feel it’s too large of an expense. You may even find that you disagree on things more than you agree on them.

When you find yourselves in a difficult pinch where you don’t see eye to eye, one of you has to be the one to give in and agree to let the other one have their way. Sometimes you’ll get your way, and sometimes they’ll get theirs. By finding a middle ground where you both get your way at least partially, you’ll have greater respect for the other.

Quality Time

Being happy in a marriage requires spending quality time together. Quality time shouldn’t be only about the length of time you spend together but making the time special and meaningful.

A lot of couples spend a lot of time together physically. However, they may not be entirely present mentally. Its crucial for the good of your marriage that you’re present with each other and interacting genuinely.


Without being intimate and physically affectionate, you and your spouse are nothing more than roommates.

Although physical affection doesn’t define a relationship, it plays a crucial role in your closeness. While some people like to show affection through behaviour in the bedroom (and watching videos on sites like Tube v Sex) and being intimate that way, others like to show it in other ways. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer here – people show affection in different ways, so you shouldn’t compare it to other couples.

So, regardless of whether it’s a kiss in the morning, or a simple hand on the shoulder, you should try and remember to show your love physically as much as possible. It makes you feel closer and more appreciated by your mate.


Laughing together is the basis of having a strong connection with your partner. Without being able to chuckle together and enjoy spending time together as friends, you lose sight of the entire point of having a partner.

Always being in a serious state together leaves no room for being light hearted and fun. Make sure that you make plenty of time for giggling together.