4 Symptoms of Arthritis That You Can Cope With the Help of Mobility Aids

Are you feeling pain every time you get up from a chair or walk? Is the pain so unbearable that you have to take support of the wall while moving from one place to another, groaning all the way through? These are just a few signs indicating that you have arthritis.

What Is Arthritis?

It is a condition that causes inflammation in the joints and makes them stiff. Multiple joints can be affected, which causes pain every time you move. Arthritis has over hundred types, each with different causes and consequences. The two most common amongst these are rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA).

The symptoms of arthritis develop slowly and appear suddenly. Most people believe that aging is the main cause of arthritis. However, this problem can be more commonly observed in people around 65 years of age. In most cases, overweight people are the ones to suffer from severe arthritis.

4 Common Symptoms of Arthritis

1. Pain Increasing Gradually

Pain from inflamed joints is usually felt first in the morning because you have been motionless for quite some time, followed by the pain experienced while climbing stairs, or when you try to kneel or stand up too abruptly. At one point, you might even feel pain just by sitting in one place for too long. If the pain reaches an unbearable level, you will even have difficulty sleeping. You could soothe the pain temporarily through remedies like CBD oil and supplements. And if that is the direction you are comfortable with then maybe refer to this canada cannabis dispensary or even your local cannabis dispensary, to learn more about various products that could help soothe this condition.

2. Joints Locking

Over time, the constant pain will weaken the muscles and joints. You might experience a buckling feeling from time to time, where your knee will lock into place, making it impossible to get it back into a straight position.

3. Swelling

When the right medication is not taken, the joints start to swell and may even fill up with fluids. The swollen-up area gets red and feels warm upon touch. This quickly leads to chronic knee inflammation, which cannot be treated with over-the-counter medications.

While the disease may occur at any age, it may commonly be found in elderly people. It can generally be identified by the swelling of ankles which can be very painful to deal with. It may cause rigidity of the affected joints and makes movement difficult. So, when caring for the elderly, or a middle-aged person, you should perform hot and cold compress along with gentle massage of the swollen joints. This may not help get rid of arthritis but would help ease the pain. In addition, some exercise should be encouraged as a rise in weight may further increase the pressure on the joints.

4. Popping Sounds

When you lose some of the cartilage from the knee, you will hear popping and cracking sounds. These sounds indicate that you will no longer be able to move easily.
These are just some of the symptoms of arthritis. Luckily, they can be easily treated with analgesics, corticosteroids, biological response modifiers or DMARDs. In the meantime, why not buy mobility aids from websites such as Patient Handling (visit website). Following are two mobility aids that you can use if you are suffering from arthritis:

1. Walking Frames

Walking frames allow you to walk easily, and provide support while maintaining your balance. The ones that come with wheels at the bottom give you a smooth and glide-like walk that lessens joint pain.

2. Lift Chair

This is not your ordinary armchair. Specifically created for people with arthritis, it allows you to come to a standing position without moving a muscle. The powerful lift mechanism tilts the chair forward and you can sit or stand easily.

Early diagnosis will help you treat arthritis before the symptoms get severe. It takes around six weeks to treat arthritis if you are getting the right medications. During this time, make use of these mobility aids to lessen the pain.