5 Great Baby Shower Gifts

Once you get the exciting news that your friends are expecting a baby, you’ll probably be thrilled to be able to share their joy. You’ll shower them with hugs, kisses, and sincerest congratulations, but there are other ‘showers’ you should keep in mind too. Many parents-to-be decide to hold a baby shower as a chance to share the joy with their closest friends, but this event is much more meaningful than that. It’s also a chance for friends to show up with useful gifts which will help future moms and dads in this exciting new adventure called parenthood.

Multifunctional car seat cover

A car seat is a must-have, but parents rarely remember to pick a car seat cover too. If the baby is sensitive to weather and the light, it will be difficult keeping it calm in the car. This is where covers come in – not only will it keep the baby nice and cool during the day by blocking the sun, but it will also make the car seat a more comfortable place by making it look like and feel like a crib back home. The best thing is that certain car seat covers can double as a nursing cover which is very helpful for moms. What is more, as the child gets older, you can use the piece as a shopping cart cover which will help prevent your baby sitting directly on less-than-sterile cart seats when you go shopping together.

Sleepsack to the rescue

If you live in an area with harsh winters and colder weather, a nice and warm sleepsack is a great gift. The design is great because it keeps the baby warm, but it’s not as loose as a blanket can be. Not just that, but the sleepsack is a great solution for parents whose babies move in their sleep a lot and throw off their covers. When selecting a sleepsack as a baby shower gift, try to look for premium brands known for their quality and safety standards. While it is common that such premium products come at a higher price, it is possible to make the gift more affordable if you use a good buy gear discount code (or other coupon code) when making the purchase.

Diaper cake

Anyone can tell you that when the baby comes, you will never have enough diapers. If you ask any parent, they’ll tell you that it feels like forever until you manage to potty train your child, and until then, diapers are your allies and your ammo. Showing up with a diaper cake for your close friend’s baby shower is an excellent idea because not only will our gift be a wonderfully charming (and appropriate) centerpiece on every table, but future parents will find it thoughtful. Simply arrange diapers in the form of a cake and decorate it with bright ribbons and fresh flowers and you’ll be good to go.

Soothing sounds

Another thing parents will never be able to get enough of is a good night’s sleep. Things get even worse if their baby is fussy and they have a hard time putting it to sleep. Having a nice toy (or an item) that will help put the baby to sleep more easily is wonderful, and future parents will love you forever. There are charming toys and items that are soft and cuddly and which, when pressed or squeezed, play soothing sounds and lullabies, or even glow in the dark. Not only will this help the baby fall asleep faster, but it will also help it sleep much longer too.

Keeping the baby warm

Giving a warm baby blanket to parents has become a tradition, as it’s a symbolic way of saying you wish their baby a warm welcome to the world. A great gift for parents who live in colder areas, warm blanket will ensure that the baby can sleep through the night and stay warm at all times. It can also be used in strollers when they go out for a walk, but you can also pick a blanket that’s large enough to use for swaddling too. You can pick a nice merino fine wool blanket from Bubba Blue to ensure that the baby stays snug, and parents might even want this beautiful gift to be a keepsake.

With so many possibilities out there, finding the right baby shower gift can really be a tough task. If the future mom is registered somewhere, you’ll be able to go and pick a gift she will surely like, but if it’s up to you, try to take some time and find something that will be nice and useful for both the parents and the baby. Pick something unique and charming and you will ensure that mom and dad will think of you often, and that everyone at the party falls in love with your gift too.