Our story began on that fateful sunny day, when our eyes met across a large crowd of people and we instantly knew that we had found love, true love. It was love at first sight for both of us and our love is growing ever stronger with each passing moment. Every day, we are grateful, every day we appreciate just how lucky we are to have found each other, to have found true love. It’s not that easy for everyone, though we both strongly believe that fate has a way of bringing people together.

Will and I complement each other perfectly, he has qualities I lack and I support him where he struggles. I can pretty much say that we are a match made in heaven, or so it feels! Our happiness was made complete with the birth of our beautiful darling daughter Amanda and family life is really what we are about. The transition from being a couple to being a family has been the most joyous journey, Amanda has wrapped us up in infinite love and happiness.

Love, Work and Play

It’s rather fitting that we jointly own and run a gun store, especially since we met at a firearms festival. Will and I are both gun enthusiasts, and are proud servers of our local community. Naturally, guns play an important part of our lives and we enjoy advising our customers and educating them on all aspects of firearms and guns. The right to bear arms is deeply rooted in our constitution and we are happy to be part of this industry.

Having met a firearms festival and pursuing sports shooting as a hobby, working together at our store is such a bonus. We get to spend the whole day together, all day, every day and when we are not at work, we spend our time with Amanda and go on all kinds of adventures. The time we spend together as a family is the time we adore the most, regardless of what we actually do at the time.

Boredom is not part of our vocabulary. Amanda always has a plan or idea and whenever she runs out, Will or I suggest a family trip, we hop into the car and drive off into the sunset. This type of quality time is ever so precious and we know that soon, Amanda will have her own life to lead, so we make the very best of the time we have now.

The Best Family Website

When Amanda was born, a friend suggested starting a scrapbook to collect all the milestone, souvenirs and mementos in our darling daughter’s life and we did just that. We found ourselves showing it to all our friends and family all of the time. We ran out of pages and eventually thought of other ways to record our special life journey together.

Ultimately, we wanted to shout from the rooftop how great family life is, what an enormous amount of fun we have, wishing to inspire others and share our daily stories. In the end, we decided to continue our scrapbooking online and set up this website.

“We called it the Best Family Site” because we love the times we share together the most and do have “the best” time.

Our love and enthusiasm has touched many hearts and we are delighted to watch the number of website fans grow. It’s been a privilege to connect with other families not just locally but from all over the world. Many have further inspired us and we have made countless new friends.

This website is designed to be the best family site and resource ever and we are glad to welcome you here.