As small business owners, we know the value of good advertising. Our website has proven extremely popular and effective in promoting countless businesses. The exponential growth of our reader numbers has been astounding. We now provide quality content for no less than 17’000 different people each month.

Because we ourselves often struggled to find advertising that provides a good return on investment, we wanted to make sure that our advertisers get a really good deal. Our rates are very competitive, our ads well-designed and the support we provide during the planning, design and application of advertising strategies is unrivaled.

Perhaps it’s just that we actually care, after all, this is a family website and we wouldn’t like to let anyone down. We ensure our readers are guided to good businesses and we maximize the impact of our advertiser’s campaigns without lowering the quality of the content on our website. In fact, our aim is to use advertisements as an extension to the informative content we provide.

Linking Ads to Top Blog Posts

Our approach is to strengthen our blog posts with informative product and service connections. Last week, we published a post about “Fun Family Camping Trips”. Alongside the post, we published ads by a variety of camping gear providers, campsites and several other related businesses. This methodology works for everyone. The reader has immediate access to products he may very well wish to purchase after reading the post. Advertisers will continue to get inquiries from anyone searching advice on family camping trips because the blog post will remain on our website. Lastly, our website will continue to enjoy a great reputation for providing useful information.

Our top quality blog posts are widely shared on all social media platforms and many of them are read by thousands of people beyond our 17’000 unique website visitors. This is great news for our advertisers as their ads travel all over the internet as a result of these shares.

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Our Readers – Your Target Group

Our reader surveys have indicated that most of our readers are parents or grandparents looking for family advice, fun stuff to do and upbeat information. The vast majority are actively seeking relevant information and many are also in search of family services and products.

So far, we have had toy stores, family therapists, leisure product and facility providers, family diners, tour operators and similar companies advertise on our site. The ads were always cleverly linked to relevant blog posts and all of our advertisers have seen their sales increase rather effortlessly. Any business providing products or services for families will do well out of advertising with us.

It’s in Our Interest to See You Succeed

We want to see you succeed, surpass your sales targets and continue advertising with us. On initial contact we always tell potential advertisers to view our collaboration as a long-term process with continuous benefits. Fully aware that advertisers will only work with us for a prolonged period of time if they see their revenue increase, we work particularly hard at maximizing the impact of all the ads on our website.

If we ever feel the ad is not performing well, we quickly make changes until we get it right.

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We love working with others and are fully committed to expanding and growing the sales of our advertisers. Your success is our command.