Bringing Your Family Together Emotionally

In this era of destruction and drama, it can be challenging to bring your family together emotionally. Especially if you have a family that is spread out over a large age range, connecting and finding ways to support each other may seem like an impossible task.

However, there are some tips that you can follow and some pieces of advice that make sense in particular situations to allow everyone to communicate their feelings effectively. Starting with helping to fix the parents, there is couples therapy. After that, you can focus on family therapy, vacationing together as a group, or even figuring out some way to set aside regular family time within the framework of a typical day.

Couples Therapy

A family isn’t going to be very happy as a unit if the parents aren’t satisfied with each other. That’s why even when things are going well, it’s not a bad idea to occasionally go to couples therapy to potentially iron out issues that are already present or may be a problem soon. There’s no shame in going to a psychologist to help you talk to your partner, and avoiding it just may exacerbate trouble down the road.

Family Therapy

Beyond the idea of couples therapy, you can sign up for family therapy if you feel like you want your children involved in the emotional bonding process as structured by a professional. In many cases, teenagers become very rebellious and don’t want to have the stigma of going to a counseling session with the family. That said, if you find the right therapist to talk to, it may prevent years of trouble, anxiety, and poor communication between parents and adolescents in particular.


Taking a family vacation can be another good way to bond emotionally with each other. It’s just important that you discuss where you’re going to go with everyone involved. The last thing you want is to decide that you’re going to take everyone camping just to find out that your kids have no interest in being outdoors! You want to open up conversations about vacations before putting any money down on the trip.

Setting Aside Regular Family Time

In addition to the other methods mentioned, one small thing that you can do is set aside regular family time. You’d be amazed at how many families don’t have a proper time to sit down for dinner with each other. Even if you just have to figure out how to carve 30 minutes out of the day and tell everyone to put away their phones, those moments where you focus attention on each other can be a fantastic benefit to a family that’s having trouble connecting with each other emotionally otherwise.