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Inevitable Bathroom Trends for 2019 and 2020

When you mention interior design, people rarely think of bathrooms. However, these predominantly functional areas of the home are just as sensitive towards fleeting trends as any other part of the household. The only difference is that the bathroom is not as modular as, ...Read More

How to Un-Zeroscape Your Yard

Xeriscaping is an important trend sweeping the nation, in which homeowners ditch water-hungry plants and yard features in favor of more sustainable landscaping options. It allows for an attractive and friendly outdoor space that places less stress on the surrounding environment and lowers homeowners’ ...Read More

Five Popular Flooring Trends In 2018

As time passes, flooring trends come and go, and it’s important to know the extent of your options.  You want to make the most well-suited choice for the floors in your home, and you can’t make a great decision without the proper base knowledge. ...Read More

Can You Pass This Home Protection Quiz?

Your house is most likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life, and protecting that investment is obviously a high priority. That’s why you have homeowner insurance to save you from what could be crippling costs of damage to the structure and ...Read More