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What Responsible Gambling Means

The phrase “responsible gambling” is perhaps thrown around a bit too much for it to have any real meaning left, isn’t it? After all, is there any casino operator who is going to walk up to you in a physical casino perhaps, having deployed ...Read More

Ways a mother and wife can have it all

Debates on whether women can have it all have raged on for years. The undercurrent is that only women who marry rich or are running their own companies can have it all. This idea is quite discouraging for the average women with a family ...Read More

Lessons from a five-year-old about empathy

Granted, we’re all different. That is no exception when it comes to the type of aunts there are on this planet. Being single when most of your family and friends are married (and with at least one child) makes navigate at social functions quite ...Read More

How friends can support new mothers

You don’t have to have to be a mom yourself to see the struggles that new mothers go through. Often running from a space of sleep-deprivation, it becomes hard for them to do things as effortless as you do now. They no longer have ...Read More

College Saving Tricks for New Parents

Image source: Pixabay College might seem a long way off, but the earlier you start saving for your child’s education, the better off you guys will be when the time comes for your child to go to college. Everyone knows that college is expensive. ...Read More