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7 Ways To Keep Your Mind Active As You Age

Image credit:Pexels Dementia is a real concern for modern families — and keeping your mind elastic as you age can help you combat dementia and other memory-related illnesses. There’s been a lot of press about how constant smartphone use and watching TV have eroded ...Read More

How to prepare for a tummy tuck

It’s exciting for a person to know that they’re finally going to have a tummy tuck. That apron of unwanted skin and fat around their midsection is going away for good, and they will be left with a more slender and youthful figure. Yet, ...Read More

4 Reasons You May Not Be Getting Pregnant

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a considerable amount of time with no luck you’re probably starting to wonder if opting for surrogacy or adoption is the next best option.  Before jumping to conclusions right way, it’s important to start considering some ...Read More

Ways a mother and wife can have it all

Debates on whether women can have it all have raged on for years. The undercurrent is that only women who marry rich or are running their own companies can have it all. This idea is quite discouraging for the average women with a family ...Read More