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Becoming a Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent is an excellent way to provide for the children in your care. You will be providing the child with love and attention while you work to help them transition from their life as a newborn, through their toddler years, school ...Read More

Parenting Styles – What Is the Right One For You?

Parenting or child raising helps support and promotes the intellectual, emotional, physical, and social development of a young child through adolescence and into adulthood. However, parenting also encompasses the nuances of raising a family and not just for a biological connection. Parenting involves setting ...Read More

Starting a Family After 40 Years Old

Starting a family after 40 years of age is indeed challenging. After all, you are already at the height of your fertility. You are probably very careful about the way people look at you and the way they talk about you. Your husband may ...Read More

Find the Right International School for You in Manila

Every parent wants their child to get quality education. In today’s increasingly globalized and competitive world, for many, a good education has come to mean receiving a degree from a prestigious international university, such as Harvard, Oxford, or Cambridge. In order to achieve this, they ...Read More

Take Control of Your Child’s Tantrums

It is quite normal for kids and toddlers to experience tantrums. You can do many things, including giving educational children’s toys to help divert their attention towards other things. Outbursts are sometimes unpredictable, but as a parent, you should be ready to deal with ...Read More