Clean Home, Peaceful Mind

Even if you are a generally peaceful person, if your household is dirty, then your brain can turn into a train wreck. A very simple mantra to follow is that if you have a clean home, you can find a peaceful mind. There are many different ways that you can approach the idea of cleanliness, but thinking about it logically will always precede appropriate actions.

To have a clean home you need to handle your laundry, focus on food areas, ensure that there is a place for everything, and always keep in mind that perfectionism is not your friend! Starting with those ideas will get you moving in a much more peaceful direction.

Handle That Laundry

Dirty clothes are a part of life. But they don’t have to be an incessant part of your home. Create a laundry plan and stick to it. It might take some time to habituate all the necessary habits, but if you work out a system where laundry never gets out of control, then you will never have to work out a much tougher system to get that mound back in control later. This plan can work best in conjunction with the right laundry appliances. If you are not into washing boards or hand-cleaning, then purchasing a washing machine and a warmtepompdroger (Tumble Dryer) might make more sense. If you already have them, then taking care of their health by opting for regular maintenance can add more years to their life.

Focus On Food Areas

Keep your food areas clean! A certain amount of clutter around your house because of daily use and abuse is typical and not necessarily even a terrible thing. However, if you leave food out, or you don’t organize your pantry area, that is a recipe for disaster. Food attracts bugs. And disorganized food means that you will be throwing stuff away and wasting money simply because you didn’t know it was there when you needed it. Clean out your refrigerator regularly, or you could end up in that club of people that has a bag of green mosh in the crisper drawer that used to be spinach.

A Place for Everything

In your home, there should be a place for everything. If you have too much stuff for the number of locations you have to store it all, then it is time to minimize. If you don’t love it, throw it away or give it away. Having additional clutter around your home is not worth having something just in case, especially if you have used it for the past year.

Perfectionism Doesn’t Help

In the end, perfectionism is not your friend. Nothing will ever be perfect. The idea of peace does not come from perfection. The idea of peace comes from the best you can do with what you have. If you find people who are obsessed with cleanliness and perfect order, you will see that they are profoundly unhappy. Your ideal amount of peace is going to come from figuring out how to keep a clean home in balance with the rest of the activities in your life.