Eat, Sleep, Play and Go: Essential Pieces of Baby Travel Gear for Parents

Whilst having a baby is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences anyone can have, it can also be pretty daunting too. And, when it comes to traveling with your baby, any potential fears you may already have could be amplified, often putting many parents off traveling completely.

But as long as you listen to the right advice and prepare properly, traveling with your little one doesn’t have to be even half as scary as you might think. So often we constantly think about what could go wrong that we forget to imagine all the fun and positive experiences we could possibly have. So, if you’re considering a trip with your baby but are still a little apprehensive, here are some essential pieces of travel gear every parent should own to ensure a smooth and successful travel experience.

Wipe-able bib

 An absolute must-have for any parent and baby on-the-go, a wipeable bib is guaranteed to make feeding time easier and more convenient. Whether you’re on a long-haul flight or a simple road trip across town, having a wipeable bib will ensure you can keep your baby and their clothes clean.

All you’ll need is some wipes, then when feeding time is over, you’re able to quickly wipe away any inevitable mess your baby has made and their bib will be as good as new! Unlike regular cotton bibs which often need to be fully washed to get rid of spillages, wipeable bibs will become a feeding-time lifesaver when traveling.

Portable bed

With many hotel cribs potentially being out of date and unreliable, it’s essential you take a durable bed that can be easily assembled for your child to sleep in. For babies and young toddlers, a mesh-style crib with high sides is a great option as the mesh material keeps it lightweight but still high enough to keep your baby safe and enclosed.

But, if your child is too old for a crib, opt for a portable blow-up airbed instead and be sure to take an accompanying pillow and blanket too. If you’re lucky enough to have a large vehicle to travel in like the Chrysler Pacifica, you’ll easily find room for virtually any portable bed you choose to take. However, if flying or if you have a small car, go for a bed that’s collapsible for easier transportation.


 For slightly older children, long journeys can be boring. So to avoid any boredom-related tantrums whilst on the move, ensure to take some form of entertainment to keep them occupied. Whether it’s an iPad or something old-school like a book to read, make sure your child always has something to do to avoid unnecessary hassle and tears.

Both having a baby and traveling are two of the most rewarding life experiences, so why not combine the two and take your little one along with you? Feeling anxious about going away with your child for the first time is totally normal but, as long as you get the right travel gear and properly prepare, you’re in for a smooth trip!