Find the Right International School for You in Manila

Every parent wants their child to get quality education. In today’s increasingly globalized and competitive world, for many, a good education has come to mean receiving a degree from a prestigious international university, such as Harvard, Oxford, or Cambridge. In order to achieve this, they decide to enroll their children in international schools.

Although the concept of the international school in Manila was primarily established with certain nationalities in mind as their target student population, many local students also attend. As Manila, the capital continues to develop into a global city, the number of people in a position to send their children to international schools has increased. Some students are even on scholarships, which are offered to financially challenged but academically gifted students.

International schools utilize academic curricula that are accepted globally. Furthermore, many offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities that can boost one’s chances of being accepted into prestigious universities. Depending on the academic standard or method of teaching you to desire, you can select which school to send your child to.

Here are some of the premier international schools to choose from in the Metro Manila area:

British School Manila

The British School Manila was established in 1976 and is the largest school in Manila offering a British education. All students are entered for (I)GCSEs at the conclusion of their secondary school years, a recognized qualification both in the UK education system, as well as globally. After this, they are entered into the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is a globally-recognized pre-university course, which prepares them for elite university education.

International School Manila

International School Manila among the first international schools to be established in the Philippines. Originally founded in 1920 as the American school, its goal was to provide children of expatriates with an education comparable to that of the United States. While the International School Manila has long since expanded to cater to other nationalities and also offers the IB program, it is distinct in that it offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses that are standard in American high schools and offer a significant advantage when applying to universities in the United States.

Global Leaders International School

One of the newest international schools in the Metro Manila area, Global Leaders International School offers a progressive, modern curriculum that is based on experiential learning, hands-on activities, and applications through projects and exhibits. Furthermore, its curriculum structure is specially designed to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world. Hence, subjects such as Business and Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, and Life Skills are staples in the curriculum from the start of primary school all the way until the end of secondary education.

Despite these unique offerings, the school still offers traditional programs that are recognized internationally, such as the A-Level and IB programs. It is also accredited as a Cambridge International School, making its academic standards at par with the world’s leading schools.

European International School

A joint partnership between the German European School and the Lycee Francais in Manila, the European International School — or Eurocampus — is a symbol of multiculturalism and diversity in education, with the student population consisting of over 50 nationalities.

In addition to offering globally recognized standards like the IB program, which qualifies them to study in European Universities, the Eurocampus instills in its students the sense of being a global citizen. Festivals and ceremonies are held to celebrate occasions like Remembrance Day, European Day, and even international culture in general, thus giving credence to what international school education is all about.