Five Popular Flooring Trends In 2018

As time passes, flooring trends come and go, and it’s important to know the extent of your options. You want to make the most well-suited choice for the floors in your home, and you can’t make a great decision without the proper base knowledge.

You’ll need a little info on which flooring options are already popular among the many. You’ll need to know the strength and look of each type of flooring as well, so you can properly plan your design.

Here is a brief description of a few of the most popular flooring trends this year. Take a read, and consider which options might best meet your home’s flooring needs.

Parquet timber flooring

Parquet flooring is back in style, but the modern parquet designs are much sleeker than past methods. In Singapore, parquet timber flooring is an especially popular option for bedrooms. The best thing about parquet is that you can work in nearly any conceivable design.

Lighter shades of wood used in parquet are great for complimenting a Scandinavian style interior design. Darker shades can be used to bring out the rich, grainy appeal of the timber.

Fumed wood flooring

Nearly every other type of wood flooring available on today’s market is treated with stain to bring out the rich color of the grain. Fumed wood gets its excellent color without going through the staining process.

Instead of being stained, the wood is subjected to a process referred to as “fuming.” The wood is placed in a chamber where it is then subjected to an airborne ammonia treatment. The end result is not always exactly the same, but it gives fumed flooring a unique look in the end.

Bleached and blanched wood floors

Dark wood flooring isn’t always the right choice for your home’s flooring, and there are plenty of other options on the table. Bleached or blanched wood floors appear much lighter than traditional stained woods.

Bleached wood on the floors will give your home a softer, white-washed enhancement that will stand up to the test of time. Add blanched wood to a room to secure a country look in any room of your home.

Concrete tile flooring

For a more urban-industrial feel, try adding distressed concrete floors. Concrete is extremely durable, and it’s super easy to maintain/clean. You can also expect a somewhat affordable pricing option on concrete, compared to other popular flooring choices. After hardening, concrete flooring may develop undulations or cracks, which usually make the room appear drab. To prevent such problems, many homeowners usually do gypsum concrete floor leveling to create smooth, shiny, and strong floors.

Reclaimed barn wood floors

Western cultures love the country design style, and reclaimed barn wood is one of the most fashionable additions to the long list of design aides. Reclaimed barn wood can be used on the floors, ceilings, and the walls, but it’s not recommended to do all of them in reclaimed slats.