Four Reasons Why Collecting Figurines is a Great Hobby

Everyone should have a hobby: an opportunity to take time out from their busy lives and enjoy something that is just for them. When you have children, time for yourself can be precious and rare, so it’s important to find a way to spend it wisely.

If you’ve ever looked at a beautiful figurine then becoming a collector could be the perfect hobby for you. Here are four reasons why we think that building a collection of collectible figurines is such a great hobby:

1. Collecting Can Help You Build New Social Connections

Sharing a hobby with someone can provide an instant icebreaker, giving you a common interest and an immediate topic for discussion. As we age our social circle tends to get smaller, so collecting is a great way to make new connections and build your social network.

Many figurine collectors attend social events together, communicate about their collections virtually and become great friends. Plus, if you collect figurines for specific purposes, like building an army of Space Marines Miniatures to play Warhammer 40k, then you can also take part in local tournaments and make friends there. Meaningful friendships and social connections can form as the result of having shared interests, and collecting is a great way to start this process.

2. Collecting Can Be Very Profitable

There are two different types of collectors; those who have a genuine passion for the items they source, and those who are motivated by financial gain and investment. Regardless of the reason you begin your figurine collection, a by-product is that it can be very profitable and, if you are able to source rare or sought-after pieces, could be a great financial legacy to leave to your family in the long term.

The appeal and ease of the internet for buying, selling, and browsing potential figurine purchases makes it easier than ever to build an enviable collection and create something to be proud of.

3. Collecting Doesn’t Have to be Time Consuming

Unlike some hobbies, the hobby of collecting doesn’t have to be time consuming. There is no weekly commitment to a class, you don’t have to leave every Thursday evening free, you don’t even have to leave the house!

If your family and work commitments leave you short on time, then this is an ideal hobby: you can spend as much or as little time cataloguing your collection as you wish and add to it whenever you have the time and money. Some collectors browse for new pieces every evening: others only dedicate one or two hours a month to their hobby. Make it work for you!

4. Collecting Improves Your Organisational Thinking

Having a collection (whether you choose figurines, coins, stamps, or something else) has proven cognitive benefits, helping to build your observational skills and boosting your organisational thinking. Also, remember that when you have a large collection of something you are required to sort it into categories: this is essential to keep your collection organised and make note of the pieces you have and those you need.

By building your organisational skills with your collection, you are developing techniques you can easily translate into practical life skills such as the ability to better organise your family life, study for tests, or conduct research for work projects.