Funeral Plans and Funeral Planning – Two Very Different Things

No one likes talking about funerals, well some people might but generally speaking it is not a pleasant conversation to have about yourself or anyone else. This may not be right though, should we be more relaxed about discussing such things? There is certainly a growing movement of positivity around death and how families plan and deal with it which cant be a bad thing. One of the big issues is planning for a funeral and within this there is a whooping great area of confusion that can cause quite a bit of trouble. What is the difference between a funeral plan and…well a funeral plan?

Two Things One Name

OK so that was a little facetious but there really are two things with the same name. Let’s look at both of them.

  1. A Funeral Plan

The first definition is probably not the one that would spring to mind but it is by far the most important of the two. A funeral plan is actually a financial savings type plan where you pay money each month into a pot that is eventually there to be used to pay for your funeral. Not what you were thinking? You are not alone. Funeral plans are actually a very big thing, so much so there is even a governing body called the Funeral Planning Authority who work with a massive list of register providers who follow the proper guidelines. Funerals are expensive and what most people fail to think about is that their family will be saddled with quite a substantial bill when you pass away. It is a bit miserable to think about it but as they mourn your loss they also have to deal with some financial issues. For people with more money there is often a part of the will to cover this but for many people this money just has to be found out of their savings.

  1. A Funeral Planning

This type of funeral plan is often the one most people think of when they here the term. It is creating a plan in your will that sets out how you would like your funeral to go. So it could be about the venue, the music or perhaps how the day goes with less or more fuss depending on how you would like it. It might stipulate certain guests should be there or even some who should not! It could also go into details about ashes or burial plots.

Why Pre Planning Your Funeral Is Important

Gone are the days when you had very little choice about what happens when you die, in fact it can be overwhelming so having a plan for the ones you leave behind is very useful. Companies like The Modern Funeral take a really positive approach to death which is welcomed by lots of people. Making a proper plan will mean your relatives will know that you may wish to have something like that or perhaps something more traditional. Leaving them with no plan can be very stressful on top of the fact they have just lost a loved one. Whether or not you care what happens when you die is important but remember to at least say what you feel in a plan. Otherwise, your family will be guessing and worrying they may have got it wrong.

Why Buying A Funeral Plan Is Important

Unless you have made financial provisions in your will then you need a funeral plan; it is that simple. Otherwise, you are literally leaving it for others to pay for and that might not be ideal. Some people may opt for senior life insurance (read this article for more information) that might cover the costs of the funeral and various hospital bills. There is a massive range of plans from couples plans to those over 50s, over 60s, and more. They don’t have to cost much if you start early and can be a fantastic help when the time comes. The average cost of a funeral in the UK is nearly 4500…this is a substantial amount of money so planning for it is important.

You Need Both

While the same term causes confusion ultimately both meanings are important, and you should make sure they are both sorted. Make a plan in regard to how you want your funeral to go but also make provisions for how it will be paid for. That way your loved ones will only have to cope with their own grief and celebration of your life rather than second guessing what you might have liked and paying for it too!