Get Everyone Involved: Tips for Planning a Family Vacation

The gang is destined for a family vacation. But you’ve been down this road before and know more planning is needed. This time, get everyone involved for a fun and successful family travel excursion.

Remember It’s a Group Thing

A major fault in family vacations is allowing for one or a few family members to have the advantage when it comes to location and activities. For example, Disney is a great place to bring the kids, and Florida offers warm weather that is enjoyed by all ages, yet multiple days of Disney can get boring and expensive for adults. Alternatively, no kid wants to take a trip just so mom and dad can go golfing.

Ask Plenty of Questions

It’s pretty easy to ask family members about vacation preferences. Obviously, you cannot accommodate parties who want to go to different locations. However, you can attempt to find unifying themes associated with preferences. For example, some may want to go to California while others prefer Florida, yet the common theme is warmth and sunshine. If museums, food, golf, and city life is a common thread, act now to book your Washington, DC Marriott Waterfront reservation.

Segment the Vacation Days

If you’re smart about your chosen location, you can segment vacation days so that no one activity takes-up a lot of time. There’s no reason why all family members can’t feel fulfilled each day. For example, perhaps you take the kids to the park or to do an activity in the morning yet reserve ‘adult time’ at the golf course for a few hours in the afternoon.

Plan Time to Relax

Ironically, you can start feeling stressed on vacation due to the non-stop activities. It’s unnatural to keep charging for 16 hours per day. Family members need downtime to relax and recharge. This is especially true for family members who are introverts and get drained by an excess of social time and activities. Make sure the mode of transport isn’t tiresome. For comfort, you can get a private jet if you are going on long international trips. Of course, be sure to check the cost of private jet and ready other travel documents for planning accordingly.

Get the Kids Their Own Room

If your kids are a bit older, opt to reserve a hotel room for them. That way, they have their own space and feel more like adults. Also, the adults can enjoy alone time and take a break from the kids. Alternatively, if you’re renting a larger space or home, be sure it’s suitable enough for the kids (You don’t want to rent a space with expensive furniture and sculptures when bringing children.)

Bring Along Some Cash

It’s incredibly convenient to pay with a credit card or even a smartphone app, yet a lot of times it’s easier to have cash in your pocket when you need to tip or pay for small items, etc. If you’re traveling in a large pack, it’s an added inconvenience to find an ATM.

Be Realistic

If your child is usually rambunctious, it’s not practical to assume they will be obedient and patient after a long plane ride, a taxi ride to the hotel, and a day of walking. Be realistic regarding your expectations. Not only will your kids feel a bit off or anxious from the break in routine, but you will too.