How do you put your baby to sleep at night?

Sleep is so important in our lives. Here are some of the detailed tips on how to get your baby to sleep at night.

Getting your baby to sleep especially in the new born period where there is no schedule of sleep can be a hustle sometimes. Sleep is so important for everyone, it is a crucial part of our lives that we cannot do without. Your child is no exception and lack of sleep can cause a lot of harm both to them either physically and emotionally.

Sleep is the main activity of the brain during initial development and the sleep wake cycle which is regulated by the light and darkness begin to develop at about six weeks and by three to six months it’s fully developed. Sleep patterns changes progressively as the baby is growing with the new-borns spending most of their time sleeping which may last few minutes to several hours. By six months of age or so the baby develops a sleep pattern and it is important to be keen and observe your baby’s patterns so that you will be able to identify signs of sleepiness.

Honestly, most people especially first time parents have been there where one feels like everything is falling out of control since they cannot get their baby to sleep through the night. Sleep is so important even for the mother to feel strong and not lose it and help you take good care of your baby. Here are some the tips that will help you get your baby to sleep through the night comfortably in their nice newborn baby clothes or at any age as they grow.

Keep a calm environment

Make sure your baby’s surrounding is clean and calm. This will bring an ambience that will make them feel comfortable and relaxed and this will help them go to bed with no time. Try adding some few soothing sound which will block the noises around them.

They should go to bed awake

This helps them learn how to transition and put themselves to sleep without falling asleep on your arms. At some point the baby might wake up after few hours and they need to learn how to put themselves back to sleep without you having to feed them or do something.

Be cautious of the time

Sometimes we lose track of time especially with the new-borns. Therefore it is important that you keep checking the time to make sure you have a schedule of doing things and not feeding them all the time. With their tiny bellies the babies must feed after few hours probably three. With this schedule it will keep you on toes and when they are not going to bed after following this schedule you can guess may be there might be another problem causing this.

Have a routine

For some, it might be eat, play, sleep or eat, bath, some baby’s massage, put on some clean newborn baby clothes and sleep. Just like the Pavlov’s dogs experiment, whatever your routine is you have to follow it and let them also learn and follow it and with no time they will be going to bed on their own. This might be difficult with the newborns as they sleep whenever they want but by the third month they start to establish their own schedule.

Let them self soothe

At some point we have to give our babies some tough love. This will probably make us feel guilty but you have to let them to cry and put themselves to sleep on their own without you checking up on them after every few minutes. This will help them to self soothe and put them themselves to bed.

The above tips will help you put your baby to sleep at night and make them feel rested. With enough sleep, the baby will be able to feed well and become healthy which will also give you a chance to have enough sleep as well.