How to add a touch of class to your home

So, you want to make your family home look sophisticated, classy and expensive. Well, the good news is that this redesign and redecoration don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Actually, if you organize your budget well, you can truly spruce up the look of your home and get an effective high-end makeover. In the end, the trick is all in the details and the way you use them.

The right kind of furniture

In order to add a touch of class to your home, you should be aware of the kind of furniture that’s considered classy. This doesn’t have to be expensive furniture – however, things that make furniture classy are usually single color tones, darker wood as well as smooth design. In that respect, forget about colorful upholstery and over-the-top patterned decorative cushions and covers. Neutral colors work the best. Of course, you can use patterns in your design, but only if you don’t go overboard with colors, stick to the prominent neutral theme and strive to create a visual unity. If your furniture is already colorful, you don’t have to buy completely new pieces, when you can repaint the woodwork and reupholster the rest.

There are some classy and bold colors

It’s not absolutely necessary to make your whole personal environment neutral and/or monochromatic. There are some bold colors that are considered classy and sophisticated when used in moderation and for making a statement (or a focal point). In that sense, bold, deep blue and mustard yellow can be the colors you’re looking for. For example, painting the doors and shelves black is a really popular classy trend at the moment. On the other hand, combining the yellow and blue in an all-white room to highlight a piece of furniture is also a great move.

Embrace the minimalism

You don’t have to adopt a totally minimalist lifestyle in order to take a minimalist approach to designing your home. After all, classy homes don’t have clutter. In that respect, it’s better to opt for fewer accessories and details that match the visual theme you’re going for than to have numerous smaller bits and bobs that make a mess. Statement painting or a gallery wall, interesting vase, a specific place for a couple of candles, a unique figurine and similar, are accessories that you want in your classy home. Of course, sleek plants with luscious foliage are a great option; but avoid the ones with bright and colorful flowers though. Also, don’t forget to do your best in order to hide all the cords and wires around your home.

Well-positioned rugs

Rugs can truly unite the whole room and tie everything together in a perfect harmony. This is why you should be really careful with the choice of rugs. In general, it’s better not to cover your whole floor with rugs but to intentionally leave a portion of the floor visible instead. That said, average size round rugs are the perfect option, especially ones that are lighter in color and a bit fluffy (not too much!). On the other hand, smaller square rugs are perfect as area rugs, so keep that in mind. Luckily, it’s easy to find good-quality rugs online these days, so remember to get the measurements right.

Never ever go overboard

It’s true that you need warmth in your home, but this is where the rugs, and maybe just a couple of cushions can help you with. Of course, in the case of your bedroom, you already have the bed covers. What’s more, you want to have a truly personal touch, even when going with the classy design. Therefore, it’s very important to always step back and see how your project feels and looks at that moment. Even when it comes to the stylish and sophisticated interior, adding statement pieces here and there, different kinds of materials and textures, etc. can actually disturb the balanced and harmonious vibe of the whole room. Besides, the more items you keep, the more time it can take to keep everything clean and in its top condition. Though you can always leave this job to professionals, be it for upholstered furniture cleaning, rug cleaning, or cushion cleaning, the fewer items you have, the more sophisticated it would look. However, this also doesn’t mean that using these tricks won’t work just like you planned, but you still have to check from time to time since you never know what the final result may feel like.

As mentioned, you don’t need to burden yourself with the issue of money in order to design a classy home for you and your family. In the end, plenty of projects can be done on your own. And, when it comes to buying something, there are (more) affordable options that still feel and look high-end.