How to Clean and Maintain a Marble Stone Floor

A marble stone floor is a great addition to any home or business and if well maintained can last a long time. They are durable, aesthetically pleasing and add a quality feel to your house or office. However, marble flooring does require some extra care than its less porous stone floor alternatives. Here are some of our top tips to keep your marble floor in tip-top condition.

Mop till you Drop

A mop is one of the best ways to regularly maintain your marble stone floor. It allows for thorough cleaning of the whole surface and is usually available in all good retailers. If you want a particularly thorough clean, head to somewhere like Intelligent Design Manufacturing for a floor-cleaning machine that will do the job perfectly every time.

When mopping try to use as fewer solvents as possible. If you keep it simple with clean hot water you will cut through the surface grime and stop and any potential discolouration.

Before mopping it may also be a good idea to vacuum or sweep your floor to get rid of the debris before giving it a deep clean. When your sweeping be sure to use a gentle brush to avoid scratching.

Choose you Cleaning Product Wisely

Certain cleaning products can have a negative effect on your marble flooring. Strong chemical solutions containing products like ammonia and bleach can damage your marble flooring and lead to discolouration. Try to stick to a simple solution of washing up liquid and hot water. There are ready-made marble cleaning products available if you wish to use them.

Act Fast with Spillages

As with most surfaces, the longer you leave a spillage on marble, the more noticeable the stain it leaves will be. This is because marble is more porous than other stone flooring alternatives like slate and granite. If you feel that the stain is far too noticeable and you’re having trouble with it, you could look into commercial floor cleaning services in Miami, FL, or a similar one near you.

To avoid these issues, make sure any spilt drinks are cleaned up immediately with a damp cloth and some hot soapy water. If you still need to wipe the surface after taking care of the stain, make sure you use a PH neutral cleaner which will not damage the floor.

Cover Up in High Traffic Areas

As with many aspects of life prevention a better option than cure. To reduce the damage and wear of your marble floor try putting a mat in place on high-traffic areas of the home like kitchens and hallways.

Additionally, microfiber rugs and mats will reduce the amount of dirt that collects on your floors reducing your valuable vacuuming time. Make sure you choose a non-slip option though as the low friction surface of marble makes it susceptible to slippage.

If you invest in a Stone Floor make sure you give it some TLC

Marble Stone Flooring is luxurious and offers benefits over traditional flooring; however if you want to keep your floor gleaming it will need regular maintenance.

If you would prefer an alternative to marble there is a huge variety of options available to you and for more information on how to clean your marble visit Martin Moore Stone today.