How to Prevent Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

From my personal experience, I can say that we are used to thinking that thrombosed hemorrhoid is something we won`t ever face and have to deal with. However, my father has recently suffered from it, so I had to find as much information about it as possible. I was surprised to find out that you can get a thrombosed hemorrhoid even without a particular reason. This unexpected discovery motivated me to figure out some ways to prevent this condition.


To avoid thrombosed hemorrhoid, you can:

Drink water regularly. Water is essential for our body in general, but when it comes to hemorrhoids, it is important because it helps our digestion.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Thanks to fiber in them, your digestion will get better and your stool will pass easier.

Take a fiber supplement. You may not be able to eat enough fruits and vegetables due to the season or location where you are based. In such a case, a supplement is the solution you will need.

Form a regular bowl routine. As I have already mentioned, constipation can cause thrombosed hemorrhoid. So, going to the bathroom on a regular basis, will help keep your stool in a good condition.

Go to the bathroom right away. If you feel the need to use the toilet, always do so immediately. By holding it, you can cause constipation which can then lead you to the condition you will prefer to avoid.

Do not strain at the bathroom. By straining, you can cause a thrombosed hemorrhoid or make the situation worse.

Do not spend a lot of time on the toilet.

Take warm baths. Warm water relaxes the muscles, which is good as a prevention procedure.

Do not sit in one position all the time. Many of us spend hours sitting at work, which is a huge mistake. Change your position more often and try to take 5-minute breaks and walk every hour.

Apply Vaseline. If you have some concerns about getting a thrombosed hemorrhoid, applying Vaseline around the anus might be a great idea. It has a soothing effect.

By the way, these are the typical reasons for the appearance of thrombosed hemorrhoid:

  • Constipation;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Childbirth;