How To Protect Your Family Online

Online protection for your family is a serious job with a very high priority, particularly if you have children. This is mostly because the online world is increasingly dynamic and unpredictable. Unlike the real world where you can adequately predict and prepare for threats, the virtual world is always evolving and threats take on different forms and intensity with each passing minute. For example, did you know that sharing your children’s photos on Facebook is potentially dangerous? How then do you keep your family safe in a situation where you might not have all the necessary knowledge?

Be well informed

To provide the best protection for your family, you should have at least a basic understanding of the internet, the devices being used by your family and their vulnerabilities, the threats you should expect, the kind of security measures available and so on. Your entire family should also have this information at their disposal. This way, they can provide different perspectives on threats, how to deal with them and a fresh set of eyes to be on the lookout for attacks.

Go anonymous with a VPN

A VPN should be your first line of defense against external attacks. By keeping your network safely secured, you guarantee much-needed privacy from prying eyes, secure information sharing and a number of other significant advantages. However, you should be wary of choosing a free VPN if you are opting for one for security. Paid VPNs have a guarantee on security that you don’t get from a free VPN such as stable bandwidth, securing your IP and offering anonymity, security from third parties, and more. Moreover, the best VPN service in your locality may also have added benefits such as discounts, coupons, affordable yearly plans, etc. To ensure your family’s online security, don’t compromise with free VPN options. Instead, look for the best cheap vpn plans in your neighborhood.

Set up a firewall on your network

You can greatly limit the exposure that your children have to certain networks by setting up firewalls. Sites that promote pornography, gambling and other vices can all be locked down. Aside from negatively influencing your children, they also attract pedophiles and hackers, both of whom you should work to protect your children from. Beyond that, a firewall can also provide a shield against intrusions that manage to penetrate through your VPN.

Set up antivirus protection on your family’s devices

Depending on your choice, your antivirus can perform a range of functions that shield your network and purge intrusions from your devices. Even with a VPN and firewall, you still need an antivirus for when your family is not within your restricted network. The antivirus can then identify hacking attempts, Trojan files, and other malware and adware. It is necessary to understand how an antivirus works as well as its compatibility with your device and system security before installing it to avoid complications.

What to do if these measures are still not enough

With internet security, there is never an absolute guarantee of protection. A capable hacker can still penetrate your defenses and jeopardize your family’s security. In this case, you will need outside help from a security expert to secure the information and devices and repair the damage done by the hacker as well as strengthening your devices. You can also hire a consultant to recommend the best security measures beforehand.