Inevitable Bathroom Trends for 2019 and 2020

When you mention interior design, people rarely think of bathrooms. However, these predominantly functional areas of the home are just as sensitive towards fleeting trends as any other part of the household. The only difference is that the bathroom is not as modular as, for example, the living room. The look of your lavatory should be chosen carefully, simply because the investment in renovation is quite steep. You should keep its lasting appeal in mind as you look into the inevitable bathroom trends for 2019 and 2020.

Colour palette

Gemstone colour texture, and strong statements in terms of aggressive basic colour surfaces in the middle of the decade, gave way to darker and elegant shades that veered towards pastel nuances. This is bound to change once more as we are looking at the emerging trend of candy pop colours. Pastel pink dominates this trend, but it works predominantly for vintage-themed bathrooms. In this case, pink walls combine well with mint-coloured or turquoise elements and tiling. This is a contrasting combination that will always be stylish – and it has remained so since the fifties.

The trick is to achieve soft and delicate tonality. If you are looking beyond colour trend predictions, you should turn to gentle earthy nuances of beige, both cold and warm ash charcoals. In fact, it has been speculated that beige will replace the millennial pink for the next five years.

An indulgent art element

The bathroom is primarily defined by its function. Communal areas of the house can be reinterpreted, but a bathroom is always a bathroom. In 2019 and 2020, this utilitarian nature of the lavatory is subverted through addition of elements that serve purely aesthetic purposes. For example, putting a potted plant on one of the bathroom cabinets is completely legitimate, as well as hanging a piece of fine art on a wall. It is ill-advised to hang oil paintings in an environment that tends to become so humid, but you can look into ceramic art pieces that come across as amazingly glamorous.

A touch of luxury

While we are on the topic of glamour, one of the big trends of the following season will be the separation of bathroom and toilet areas. This gives you a range of interesting choices. The bathtub is the centerpiece of the area, so if the toilet is out of the equation, you have enough elbow space to choose interesting variations, something that combines aesthetic appeal and multiple functions into a singular element. In addition to bathtubs, hot tubs can also give off the impression of luxury. However, in some cases, choosing the right one to match your bathroom interior could be challenging. If that is the case, you can conduct a web search with keywords like hot tubs for sale Westminster (or any other location you’re located) to find an appropriate hot tub seller. In general, hot tubs are regarded as a relaxing and rejuvenating area.

Moreover, to mix hedonism, functionality and physical exercise, look into awesome swim spas for your convenience. A swim spa can be a truly enduring investment that adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom along with indulgent art elements. Just keep in mind that such an item requires a lot of space.

But you can also scale it back in style

However, if you find going overboard when it comes to size to be obnoxious, you can always scale your bathroom back in terms of size and luxury and still keep it stylish. There is an increasing number of gorgeous options for compact bathrooms, simply because designers today are forced to accommodate smaller and smaller canvases as living spaces reduce in size. Elegant and minimalist modular assemblies with clear geometric lines and rounded corners spell out practicality and space economy, but still look luxurious. Danish interior designers have become particularly crafty when it comes to compact bathroom arrangements.

Wood is eternal

One material that will make your bathroom look appealing and comfortable is definitely wood, a go-to aesthetic “hack” of 2019 and 2020. Bright stained wooden surfaces covered with a protective layer against humidity will make your bathroom look homely, warm and high-end. It stands as a beautiful contrast to the trend of introducing technological conveniences to bathroom spaces. Furthermore, if maintained well, wood is stylistically eternal, so opting to add timber to your bathroom over the next couple of years is one of the safest trendy bets you can make.

Wood mixes well with marble

When it comes to interior design, a combination of contrasts to accentuate the space gives off most spectacular effects no matter the size and shape of the room. For example, if you decide to go with wooden surfaces, adding marble to the mixture will create a spectacular contrast. The resulting outline of the bathroom will be both sensual and airy, giving it a veneer of opulence and integrity.

Stick to one predominant material

If you have chosen wood or a specific kind tiling, stick to your predominant material. Eclectic melting pots of styles are completely out of vogue in 2019 and committing to one predominant look will add to the lasting appeal of your bathroom anyway. Furthermore, avoid exposed hardware and concrete surfaces. Industrial design is waning slowly but surely, and it will definitely be dated come 2020.

If you are building a new home or simply renovating the old bathroom, you should be weary of design choices that look brash and garish. Anything aggressive, no matter how trendy it is, will date quicker than you can say “in vogue”. If you are torn between two design motifs or colour palettes for your tiling, always choose the option that is more subdued and minimal. Remember that you want to create an eternally trendy bathroom, or something as close as possible.