Is a Wall Hugger the Right Rise and Recline Chair for You?

If you’re getting older or suffer from mobility problems, you should think about investing in a rise and recline armchair. They rise up to meet you and then slowly lower you back into a seated position; once you’re seated, you can recline the back of the chair and raise up your legs.

Of course, there’s more than one type of rise and recline armchair on the market. One of the most important differences between them is the type of motor they use. You’ll generally be choosing between:

  • High Leg Lift Motor
  • Wall Hugger Motor
  • Dual Motor

Each option offers its own benefits, but here are just a few reasons why you might want to pick a wall hugger model.

Works Well in Smaller Spaces

The main benefit of a wall hugger is that they only need around 4 or 5 cm of clearance from a wall – that’s why they are called wall huggers in the first place. This makes them ideal for smaller spaces. Plenty of modern homes have far smaller lounges and living rooms than older properties, so it makes sense to find a rise and recline armchair that isn’t going to demand too much floorspace. Remember, other chairs might fit, but they often project far enough from the wall to make a room look cluttered or feel difficult to navigate.

Simple Operation

If you’re buying a rise and recline armchair for someone older, it’s worth keeping in mind that they may experience problems with more complicated handsets. Luckily, a wall hugger is very easy to use. They have simple two button handsets, so it’s easy to pick up how to use one and hard to get confused.

Recline and Raise Legs at Once

Most people don’t know that some rise and recline armchairs do not allow users to recline the back of the chair while the legs are raised. This is an ideal position if you want to relieve pressure after being seated for a long time or prevent swelling in the lower extremities, so choose a wall hugger chair to ensure it’s an available configuration.