Keeping Your Home Organised (Even If Your Kids Are Messy)

When you are trying to keep everything at home clean and orderly, it can seem like a never-ending battle. As soon as you finish tidying up one room and move on to the next, your kids might show up and make a mess of things again!

Thankfully, there are some useful ways that you can help to keep your home organised even throughout the busy, messy daily life that often comes with having kids.

Declutter Your Home

Before you even get to the labeling part, it’s a good idea to declutter your home. Start by going through soft items like clothes, toys, and books. Encourage your children to help you decide which items they no longer need or use. You can make this process a fun game by turning it into a “Donate or Keep” challenge. The items that are still in good condition can be donated, while the ones that are worn out can be responsibly disposed of.

Next, tackle the hard rubbish. Old electronics, broken furniture, or any items that are no longer functional can take up valuable space. You can take the help of Rubbish Removals Hampton (or similar services elsewhere) to responsibly dispose of these items or other discarded materials.

Curious how providers of comparable caliber can extend a helping hand? Their invaluable assistance can simplify the cumbersome task of decluttering or disposing of unwanted items. With the help of someone like the team at, you can easily rent a dumpster or your location. Once filled, one of the company personnel can efficiently haul away the dumpster, providing a hassle-free solution for managing clutter and unwanted belongings. This seamless process can not only save time but also ensure an organized and clutter-free living space.

Name Labels!

Every home has a system of where things belong, but sometimes the only person keeping track of this system is mom or dad. While children like to help their parents, they might not yet know that the tape should be put in a specific drawer when finished with it.

One great way to teach your kids about different supplies around the house and keep your home organised is to use name labels. By placing labels on the bins where things belong or the drawers where different supplies should be kept, you can help your kids practice their reading skills and learn how to clean up!

Keep Wet Wipes & Paper Towels In Every Room

It may sound like overkill, but this is something that many parents have found can help to prevent messes from becoming permanent stains.

By keeping wet wipes and paper towels in the rooms where your kids spend the most time, such as the dining room and their play room, you will always be ready to thwart any spills before they become part of your home decor forever.

Show your kids where you keep these supplies and how to use them, too! When a mess happens, encourage them to wipe it up right away for a special reward. Soon, you’ll have kids that like to keep things orderly just as much as you do.

Some parents make a sheet of paper covered in labels to go in the bottom of drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. These labels will help the children understand what goes in which drawer, and this even makes for a fun game!

Clean Up Before Dessert

Many kids love to enjoy something sweet after dinner, so cunningly utilising this fact for cleaning purposes can be a great way to clean up.

After you finish dinner, make sure the kids help move the plates off the table and put away anything that is out of order before serving any dessert. You can make this a game or simply a rule at home: no one gets any dessert until the table is clean!

While it may seem like it is not enough motivation, you will be surprised at how effectively the promise of dessert helps to get things organized (just keep those desserts healthy! Lots of yummy fruit should do the trick).