Know How – Bathroom Layouts

No matter renovating your existing home or you’re moving into a new one, you’ll want to make sure your new bathroom fits your needs perfectly. After all, that’s the room where you and all the other members of your family will start and end your each day in. When designing your new bathroom, one of the most important things you’ll have to do is choose the right layout for it. And here are a couple of tips that are guaranteed to help you do this.

Think about a separate toilet

What many homeowners with spacious bathrooms like to do is design a separated toilet compartment for their bathroom. This provides them with ultimate privacy, which is always a good thing for large families. However, having a separate toilet comes with a few drawbacks. Solid walls tend to make the room appear smaller and people might find it claustrophobic. And this is where choosing the right layout can come in handy. Instead of adding a solid wall into your bathroom, you can try to use your vanity to hide the toilet or simply put it out of the direct line of sight from the doorway. Adding a glass privacy panel is also a great idea.

Introduce a second sink

If you’ll often have two people getting ready at the same time, you might want to look into the possibility of installing two sinks. These won’t take too much space in your bathroom but will be a real life saver when you’re late for work and another family member is occupying the sink. Of course, placing these next to each other and below a large mirror is something you just can’t go wrong with. Even if you don’t need two sinks, you can think about introducing two grooming stations. If you decide to do this, you can also add small storage compartments to each station and use one of them for makeup and the other one for toiletries.

Add a private bath

Taking a long bath is practically impossible when there are other family members waiting to use the bathroom. Having a bump-out tub can come in pretty handy since you’ll be able to place it wherever you want. A built-in bath can also be a good option, but it has to be positioned perfectly. You can even think about adding an end wall to your tub in order to obscure the toilet. You can try to combine this with the way the door opens in order to create a real separate toilet in your bathroom.

Not everyone, however, prefers long baths, and some homeowners even replace their baths with walk-in showers. Those in the cold region also tend to get underfloor heating mats (like the ones provided by Wetrooms Design, for instance) installed to avoid the chilly floors, especially in winters. Moreover, walk-in showers can easily be positioned to stay out of sight when using the toilet.

Use wall-mounted vessels

Wall-mounted vessels can do wonders for your bathroom layout. These little things can help you save a lot of space and utilize that space any way you want. This means you can add a laundry basket or any kind of storage below. Wall-mounted vessels can fit into almost every bathroom layout and getting one of these is always recommended. Just make sure you turn to a renowned company such as ACS Designer Bathrooms when buying bathroom fixtures like this. Experts in companies like this will be able to provide any kind of fixtures that fit the layout you’ve decided to go for.

Create zones

When it comes to your bathroom layout, creating different zones might be a good idea. This will provide you with different areas for bathing, grooming and dressing, which can make the time you spend in your bathroom more effective. There are plenty of different ways to do this, with the use of colors and light being the most effective among them. You can add separate switches for different lights and only turn on the lights in the zone you’re using at the time. Using different colors for each zone is also a good idea. This is of course the case as long as you stick to one neutral color and a few others that help you designate each zone.

Have these 5 tips in mind and you should be able to choose the right layout for your bathroom. The more time and effort you put into it, the more likely you’ll be to come up with just the perfect bathroom layout for you and your family.