Prepare Yourself For Childhood Mayem: Common Childhood Injuries

If you’re new to parenting, you’re probably not too familiar with some of the most common ways in which children hurt themselves. Despite a parent’s best efforts, children are excellent at finding ways to get hurt. It’s your job to arm yourself with knowledge, and do your best to protect your children along the way.

Start your efforts now, and read through this brief overview of a few of the most common childhood injuries kids face. Consider how you might make your child’s environment safer, and prepare to treat these common injuries should they occur.

Cuts and bruises

Cuts and bruises are a way of life for kids as they grow and further develop their motor skills. Adventure is also a way of life for kids, so Mom and Dad should prepare themselves to treat these inescapable moments.

Keep a fresh tube of Neosporin and a big box of assorted band-aids around the house at all times. For those times when you’re on the playground; carry some sanitary wipes to clean wounds and a few band-aids. Patch up the problem, and set your child free to play.


Burn treatment is subjective to the severity of the situation. Obviously, if your child is severely burned, you need to seek immediate medical treatment. Go to an urgent care center, or visit the ER if you cannot get in with a doctor immediately.

Minor burns can be treated by Mom or Dad at home. Keep a fresh aloe vera plant in the kitchen window, and break off a piece for treatment. Your child’s minor burns will be soothed by the natural ointment of the plant, and your kid will be back to playing in no time.

Car accident injuries

Keep your kids safe in the car by making certain that they are properly restrained. You can look for a booster seat 4 8 years supplier, especially if your children still require the use of a car seat. Moreover, it could be a good idea to have the car seat installation looked over by a professional. Seek out a check station near you, and secure your child’s future safety.


Too often, kids get into dangerous or hazardous substances at home. It’s vital that you secure any harmful substances in a space out of reach of the kids. Kids are crafty. You have to be craftier.

Keep the local poison control number on hand in the case of an emergency, and make sure to keep a watchful eye on your small children at all times.


Suffocation is a huge issue among parents with small children. Educate yourself on how to properly bed your baby, and spare yourself an unnecessary hardship.

Don’t lay your infant down to sleep in your bed. Always place your baby in his/her crib, and don’t pack the crib full of blankets or stuffed animals.


The best prevention for drowning is to train your children to swim at an early age. Before they are able to swim, make certain that your family pool is secured.

Take caution when bathing your small children as well. Don’t leave a baby alone in the bathtub for ANY amount of time. It takes only a few moments for something bad to happen, so keep your eyes on baby.