Signs & Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction In Women

The women in our lives play many different roles. Women are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and so much more. It is not outlandish to say that sometimes fulfilling all these different roles in life can become extremely overwhelming. Everyone’s pain is there own, and too often, stress, heartache, and everyday life become too much to handle.

Due to the legality and availability of alcohol, addiction rates are unreasonably high in the United States. Pinpointing a problem in the household may be difficult without proper knowledge of the common warning signs of addiction. Drug addiction is also another major concern these days. Finding professional help is imperative if you are too lost in drugs. When you get into treatment centers like The Dawn (you can check this drug rehab thailand cost), you will be surrounded by addiction experts, who can direct you to healthy living.

When the lying begins

When a woman begins hiding or lying about their alcohol consumption, there may be cause for concern. Empty bottles lying around the house in strange places is a sign that there may be a deeper issue in the family.

Women, in particular, are very good at convincing themselves that they are not drinking very much by hiding the evidence. If an addict cannot see just how much they are consuming, it is much easier to push any guilty feelings aside.

Problems in the workplace

When a woman is drinking at work or right before work, there is probably a problem. Anyone who feels the need to drink during their scheduled work hours, has some sort of stress in life that is causing this lack of prioritization.

A person’s perspective is greatly skewed when they are in the midst of a physical addiction to any substance. They cannot help their constant urge to use. When addiction becomes physical, intervention is typically necessary to break free.

Drinking when it is not safe

When a person begins drinking alcohol in situations that are not conducive to being intoxicated, it may be time to seek help. For example, drinking while driving, drinking around young children, or drinking before an important business meeting show signs of a skewed perspective and a possible addiction issue.

A plethora of relationship issues

Women are typically more relationship driven than men. The relationships in a woman’s life tell a whole lot about their mental state. If there is cause for concern about a close female friend or family member, take the time to inquire about their relationships.

Physical appearances will change

There are a few physical signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction that will eventually out a woman’s dependency. A high functioning alcoholic may be quite capable of maintaining relationships and keeping a job, but there is no way to escape the physical toll alcohol abuse takes on the body. Some of the physical symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

  • Darkening under the eyes
  • Weight gain around the abdomen
  • Constant redness of the face
  • Excessive sleepiness