Space Saving Tips For a Smaller Family Home

Sometimes families can’t always purchase the home of their dreams. Because of financial constraints, they are sometimes required to live in a smaller space and make the best of it with the size of their family regardless. However, it doesn’t have to be something that holds you back entirely.

Many families across the world manage to live in small living quarters overcoming space challenges with a bit of creativity and talent. Here are some ways to make extra space in your home and make room for everything that you need to fit.

Mezzanine Beds

Mezzanine beds are a great way to clear the floor for storage. Rather than a traditional bed which takes over the entire floor space that it covers, a mezzanine bed allows the use of the space on the top and bottom portion of the area.

This can be especially helpful in apartments and condos which don’t have closet space. Being able to store your shoes and clothing under the bed is a huge space saver and incredibly convenient for those with a small bedroom. For the children’s rooms which have toys and other items, this can really open up your space options.

Purge Unneeded Items

If you live in a small home it’s important to be realistic. No matter how much creativity that you apply into figuring out how to properly store your belongings, at the end of the day you simply aren’t going to be able to keep large items in your home that you don’t use like you would be able to in a large home with garage space or a storage unit.

Therefore, take a look at all of your items and be honest with yourself about just how much room the items are taking up and how much you really need them. Then you can purge items that aren’t necessary in the big picture.


In small homes, shelves are your best friends. Getting your items off of the floor space and onto a higher level is how you will be able to make room for your furniture and comfortably navigate the home.

Some people are so good at space saving that they have lined their entire walls with shelving. Taking advantage of space to this extent will allow you to be able to feel like your home is much bigger. If necessary, you could look for an orlando home remodeling company (or one where you live) to help with the task of setting up shelves and storage spaces in the right way. They can even help with other remodeling tasks which may help with enhancing the space in your home.

Consider a Storage Unit

If you still feel like you are living in a home with restrictive space despite purging unnecessary items and installing storage solutions, you may want to consider a storage unit. Sometimes apartment buildings offer them on site at an extra charge on your rent. Otherwise, you should look for a storage facility which is close enough to your home that it will be convenient to access as needed.