Technology: The Bane of Childhood as we know it

Over the last few decades, technology has changed the way we live. It has taken over practically every sphere of our lives and we can only fight it so much. One thing that is still under so much debate is the effect of technology on children. Parents have been using technology to distract their children for a while now, and while that has been a smart way to get them to eat or sit still for a while, it could have a negative impact on their development.

  • Less Outdoor Play

Kids are playing less and less every year as their minds are more occupied by technology. A child below five years is more conversant with the workings of a smart phone that a 45-year-old. While this will certainly help later in their careers that will demand that they be tech-savvy, it leave little or no time for play and exercise. As a result, we have more kids being diagnosed with diabetes at tender ages now than before.

  • Psychological Effects

While it may not seem like it at first, staying indoors to play video games or watch You Tube videos affects the child psychologically. They will not get to engage with other kids their age and this will breed some unfriendly kids. They may even have a problem socializing with their peers as they grow.

Another thing that you could take for granted but is a cause for concern is the lack of exposure to the sun. The skin needs Vitamin D to stay healthy and safe from infections. Melatonin, the hormone that regulates your internal clock depends on daylight to tell the mind when to go to sleep and so lack of exposure to the sun may mess the mind’s clock. They are likely to have trouble falling sleep and waking up in the morning.

  • Affects how a Child Thinks

If you needed cheap notary services near you and found them easily without having to ask around, then you would never know how to look for the same services at other times. The same happens to kids when they get used to watching videos. They get used to thinking in line with the videos they watch all the time and may lack the initiative to think outside the box. They also view the world from an unrealistic angle. Letting them engage with human beings brings them back to reality and helps them think as they should.

  • Family Interactions

If your child spends too much time on TV and watching videos, they are likely to miss out on family interactions. As has been established, children learn to talk through imitation and they are hence likely to imitate their favorite character on TV than real life human beings. Not many parents would want this to happen to their kids, but sadly our lifestyles leave us no option.

Is it possible to avoid technology completely? Well, not in this day and age, but we can limit our children’s exposure by letting them be kids. Encourage them to play outside and get dirty so they can develop personalities at a tender age.