The Best Ways to Store Your Family Memories

Making memories is part of what makes life so enriching and fulfilling. Whether it be spending time with your family, partying with friends or even just taking a moment for yourself to appreciate life and all it provides. When you’re old and grey, the memories from your life will be a lasting reminder of how amazing it was to walk this earth and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Unfortunately, memories do fade with age and moments we thought we would hold dear forever may be lost in the sands of times. Thank goodness then for the invention of cameras and the modern ability to digitise or print the photos they take for a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to cameras becoming so affordable and easy to use, anyone and everyone can turn memories physical so there is no danger of ever forgetting a single moment. But once you’ve taken all these photographs, what will you do to store these? We’ve got a couple of ideas that are just incredible for doing so.

Display Photos Around Your Home

Picture frames have been around since the conception of the image and once photographs came along, photo frames became the norm in households around the world. It only makes sense that the memories that you immortalise in photographs should be on display for all those who visit your home or personal space.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that nearly every shop you visit has tonnes of beautiful photo frames on offer, it couldn’t be easier to walk into a shop and pick up photo frames of any size, shape, colour, and design to fit in with your home’s décor perfectly.

Or do it yourself by buying a cheap, bland frame and customising with a glue gun, plastic gems, glitter or anything you set your mind to!

Make Your Own Photo Book

If your photo-taking antics make it difficult to purchase enough frames to display all your wild and fun memories, then photobooks are a great way to make your digital photos come to life. Searching for the best photo albums online will pull up plenty of incredible, easy to use websites that allow you to design your photo book as you wish and order for delivery.

Just think of all the opportunities! You could have a photo album for each of your children, a photobook for you and your partner, a photobook for friends, a photobook for special occasions… the list is truly endless.

Create an Archive

As a step up for those that take thousands of photos and want each and every one to be printed and able to be held in the flesh, a photo archive may be the way to go. Recommended for those that love to organise and have the drive to keep on top of filing, a photo archive is an organised way to view and review photos from over the years.

First, you need to come up with a system. The most popular is to arrange by month and year and make sure you keep on top of printing photos on a regular basis, file them away in a special photo archive folder and review regularly.

Another method is to arrange the photos by category, so split the collection in its entirety into categories such as ‘weddings’, ‘holidays’, ‘school’, ‘park’, ‘sports’ etc, depending on the sort of photos that you have.