The Best Wooden Toy Brands

Do you know that most of the toys our children play with are made using harmful chemicals and plastic?

Thankfully, we can make better decisions for ourselves and our kids. Instead of following what everyone else is doing, there is a better, safe and sustainable way of letting your kids play with toys. We are talking about wooden toys.

Wooden toys are not only really fun to play with, they are also safe for your kid, as well as for the environment. If you are planning to buy your kids wooden toys, it is necessary to run a quick background check on the company to ensure that these toys are ethically made by then. Here are some of the top wooden toy brands that not only made toys ethically, but also inspire the imagination of the kids and teach them a variety of skills.

Le Toy Van

If you are looking for high quality traditional wooden toys of your kids, then Le Toy Van is a great choice. It is a British company that was created in 1995 and makes premium quality wooden toys with contemporary styling. Their toys are ethically made in Indonesia and are available in more than 50 countries of the world. These wooden toys are highly innovative and encourage early leaning among kids through role play and imagination.


Hape is known as one of the largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. These toys are safe and eco-friendly. At Hape, you will be able to find a large variety of toys that are fit for various developmental stages of your kid. These wooden toys help you kids in enhancing their skills. These toys promote learning of sensory, social, emotional and physical skills among kids. The wide collection of toys they offer are highly creative and can help you kids learn at a much faster pace.

Fact and Fiction Toys

If you are looking for simple, safe and clean toys for your kids, then Fact and Fiction Toys should also be there in your list. The toys from Fact and Fiction help bring creativity and imagination to the life of kids. These are high quality wooden toys that don’t break easily. Thus, you will have some durable toys for your kid that will last much longer than the plastic toys that tend to break off and wear and tear easily. You can choose toys according to the age of your kid and they are going to love the new learning experience while having fun at the same time.

Melissa and Doug

Another highly imaginative and creative wooden toys brand you can check for your kids is Melissa and Doug. The toys from Melissa and Doug are highly creative and imaginative. These are high quality toys that offer children a learning experience while also letting them have all the fun. At Melissa and Doug, you will also be able to find games and puzzles, stickers, dress up sets as well as kids room accessories.