Ways to Develop Motor Skill for Children

Parents often want their children to be more independent. All children have different needs and may require special attention for them to develop the necessary motor skills. Your kid’s mastery of motor skills allows them greater independence. They are capable of performing regular tasks such as opening doors, brushing their teeth, getting out of bed, washing their hands, among other things.

The development of motor skills in children creates new opportunities for them to go out and explore, learn, and express themselves. Children with issues of developing fine motor skills often have a difficult time strengthening the muscles in their wrists and hands. It is necessary, therefore, that you involve your kids in activities that help promote their motor skills. These activities should be appropriate, creative, open-ended, and with a range of ideas.

Use of Play-Dough

This has been the most popular playing material for kids over the years. Handling the dough not only helps your children develop the necessary skills but it is also fun to play with. Your children can use the dough in many different ways including adding different materials. They can squeeze, roll, stretch, twist, and build with the play-dough. This strengthens their finger muscles and improves their sense of touch. You can also invite them to help you knead before you bake them that birthday cookie.

Cutting Paper Dolls

Inspire your children’s creativity by providing your children with a wide range of materials to play with. Paper dolls are a common way to encourage your children to use their imagination. Your children is able to cut and fold tabs strengthening important muscles in their hands and wrists. You can start with bigger paper dolls and move to smaller ones that require more skill. You also do not have to worry about your children’s gender as cutting paper dolls appeal to both boys and girls.

Hopping and Jumping with Hopscotch

Children with gross motor issues find great difficulty in hopping and jumping. They require sturdy muscles for them to take part in such activities. Jumping around in a hopscotch requires a lot of coordination and balance. You can also change the pattern of the hopscotch to enable your children to refine their sense of balance either by hopping on one leg, then two, and back to one. You do not have to worry if the weather is harsh outside, using a colored tape you can easily setup a hopscotch game in your house.

Make an Obstacle Course

As your kids grow up, they will want to explore everything. You may find them trying to climb that tree in your backyard. The safest way to encourage this is by setting up an obstacle course. You can also go to the pack and allow them to play on the swings and slides. An obstacle course allows your children to be on the move always, as they try to accomplish certain goals. You can easily set up an obstacle course in your home using pillows, and blankets that your children will crawl. Setting up challenging obstacles eventually help in improving your children’s gross motor skills.

Coloring with Crayons

Eventually, your children will have to learn how to hold a pencil when they go to kindergarten. However, they do not have to wait that long to learn how to hold it. It may be quite difficult for a child to hold a pencil if they have not developed fine motor skills. Encourage your children to color and draw with broken crayons. The coloring is always fun for kids no matter what they use. It helps them learn how to hold crayons correctly, that is between their thumb and the forefinger.

Play Pretend

It is important that you let your children learn how their body works and what they can do. The best way to achieve this is through play pretend. This encourages your child’s imagination as they try to imitate the movements of other animals. They may also try to imitate your walking style and leave you to figure out. Allow them to fly like an airplane, hop like a kangaroo. They will develop their gross motor skills, as they understand what their bodies can do.

Dance Party

Music is the language of the soul. It can make you dance to its rhythm. Dancing improves the awareness of rhythm by your child in addition to improving their gross motor skills. Other games that call them to move their bodies in a coordinated manner are great in improving their motor skills.

Many other activities encourage your child to develop their motor skills. Power wheels racing improves their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as they battle for first place. In addition, provide your child with a variety of materials to play with as their imagination dictates. This may include blocks, Legos, tinker toys among others that eventually help them develop their motor skills.

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