What To Expect In Your Third Trimester

Pregnancy is quite the journey that you undergo throughout the best part of a year.  The first few months you spend watching your body change ever so slightly and start to notice yourself becoming and feeling like a  mother even though your baby hasn’t come out of you yet.  

By the time your third trimester starts you will be full on pregnant at this point as your stomach will be noticeably bubble shaped.  It is evident at this point that you are an expecting mother and you will find that people’s attitudes towards you change.  You may find yourself getting extra loving smiles, skipped ahead to the front of the line at the grocery store, or having people offer to carry things for you.  

The third trimester is the final stretch before your little baby comes out and your life will be changed forever.  Here is what you can expect during those last three months.

Say Goodbye To Your “Normal” Pants

Your stomach is going to be much larger than usual and no matter how small you are you will definitely feel less than comfortable if you wear your old non-maternity clothes.  Not only can it be uncomfortable to wear normal pants, it is downright impossible to sit down and can put too much pressure on your stomach.

Make sure that you buy yourself some comfortable maternity pants which will be comfortable all day long and provide you with the flexibility that you need with your changing body.  Just throw your old jeans in a drawer and kiss them goodbye for now.  You can be reunited with them in another year or so.  Be patient, they will make a comeback.

Difficulty Sleeping

As your stomach stretches and your baby grows inside of you, you will find yourself less and less comfortable at night.  Many women have more intense cases of difficulty sleeping during their final months of pregnancy, while others seem to only have mild issues.

In order to get a good night’s rest, you should consider buying a maternity pillow which you can put between your knees for extra support.  Many doctors recommend this since your hips can become quite sore from the extra pressure.  The pillow relieves some of this when you place it between your legs laying on your side.

The Nesting Stage

There comes a point in your pregnancy where you suddenly have an urge to start “nesting” in your home.  What this means is that you start to frantically prepare for the arrival of your little one.  This can be a variety of things from cleaning, to organizing, to buying things impulsively.

This common instinct is usually something that happens in the middle of the third trimester and is part of the process of preparing your family for the new arrival.