Why Is the Dining Room Dead?

The dining room is no more a part of your house design. People who have old houses with dedicated living rooms are repurposing them for different purposes. Do you love and miss the dining room too? There is nothing much that can be done about it now. If you are living in an older house with a long mahogany or mango wood table, you are one of the lucky few who still believe in the concept of dining room.

The dining room is dead, really

As familiar are becoming smaller and people have less time for elaborate cooking, dining rooms have slowly become extinct. Even homeowners who have dedicated dining spaces are repurposing them as reading rooms or children’s play rooms. Note that many couples are working these days to make ends meet. Their children do not get the classic dining room experience.

Moreover, kids themselves are involved in many activities after school hours. Therefore, the family rarely gets time to eat together. In fact, it is possible that kids and adults are eating different meals at different times. This effectively cuts out the need for a family to sit together and enjoy dinner like old times.

It is also becoming difficult for families to afford a decent family home in the suburbs. Therefore, apartments have become the accommodation of choice for many homeowners. Due to lack of space, an apartment cannot provide you a dedicated dining room, even if you wanted to. Therefore, people now have smaller dining furniture placed in the kitchen. It saves space as well as time.

Changing lifestyles and changing requirements

The society is not as formal as it used to be. People do not mind eating while watching TV or Netflix on their bed or sofa. There is a smaller need for spaces that are created for dining with forks and knives. Finger foods and fast foods are taking the place of traditional dishes. As the unnecessary cutlery disappears, so does the dining room.

We have lesser time for cooking too. Pre-cooked meals are now more readily available. One can always go to the nearby Chinese restaurant and get some noodles home. Lack of time, work responsibilities, and changing lifestyles are making us eat different types of food. In such a situation, keeping a dining room in the house only for the show is not a feasible idea.

What if you want a dining room?

If you are fond of the good old times, you may consider keeping a dining room in your house. Don’t forget to add some great dining sets from Old rids & Downtowns. However, you will have to manage space cleverly to achieve your objective. If your house already has a dining room, keep using it. You can renovate the space to meet modern needs too. If you do not have a dining room, you may have to buy space from other areas of the house to create one. This could make your house look smaller and lock precious space, especially if you are living in an apartment.

If you do not want a dining room, there are many ways to repurpose that area. Use it as a cozy living room, a space to host close friends, a coffee area, or a more casual dining space.