Why the Mind Proves to be Your Greatest Resource

At the risk of sounding like I’m just spewing some motivational psychobabble, it is indeed true that your mind is your greatest resource. One more cliché before we get into it: if you can conceive it then you can definitely live it!

Take a moment to think about where on earth whatever it is which is right in front of your eyes right now comes from. As I sit in my living room and type up this here post, I’m looking straight ahead at a leather couch that set me back a bit of money to buy, but I know it’s money well spent because it’s part of a suite which mirrors the couch I’m currently sitting on – very comfortable and of the highest quality. This means that it’s going to last a long time…

That’s not how I want you to think about whatever it is you’re looking at right now (apart from the device you’re using to read this post, of course). The way I want you to think about it is from the point of view of how it came into existence.

Let’s go back to my living room leather couch – I bought it about two years ago now, but if I was to look back up the timeline of how this particular couch came to be as it exists today, it goes back a long way, doesn’t it? Who was the first person in history to decide that we need to “re-think” the way we sit?

Was it just one person or was it just part of the evolutionary process which guides the development of technology? Probably…

The point is someone’s mind was working, the ultimate result of which operation is the modern day couch, which is comfortable, durable and probably makes the manufacturer and retailers lots and lots of money.

Now it definitely takes some time, effort, perhaps trial-and-error as well as some resources in order to produce a tangible product which can be monetised from the mere thought in which it existed in its original form, but this leather couch analogy should serve to drive the point home. Your mind is indeed your greatest resource and all it takes for you to take full advantage of that is to find a way to turn whatever it is which the mind conceives into something of tangible value.

It doesn’t even have to be something physical by way of what your mind conceives which can then turn into something tangible.

Did you perhaps meet someone you might want to formulate a lasting professional relationship with at a networking session, for example? How about sending them some new baby gift baskets as a means through which to spark the relationship maybe, if of course you learned that they were expecting or that they’re perhaps brand new parents?

The outcome of deploying your greatest resource, which is your mind, in this instance is that of simply building what could turn out to be a key relationship.

You don’t even have to think too hard about it – do whatever comes naturally.