Why you should lease a car for your family.

Leasing a car for your family can give you freedom from worries when it comes to car maintenance costs or even for the safety of the most precious people in your life. Here’s our list of reasons why leasing a car can give you peace of mind. There are so many benefits to leasing a car you might wonder if there is a catch and assume that the leasing process is difficult. There are providers out there, however, who offer great deals and make the process easy. For instance, the website intelligentcarleasing.com is very user-friendly.

No depreciation worries

According to The Money Advice Service car depreciation runs at approximately 15-35% in the first year and up to 50% over a three year period. Whichever way you look at it, purchasing a car either new or used, you are always going to be out of pocket when it comes to selling it. With a lease car you don’t have to worry about depreciation, however, you simply hand the car back at the end of your rental agreement and get ready to choose your next fancy new car to drive.

Improved fuel economy

Fuel economy is eroded over time as a car ages. According to Bankrate, this isn’t necessarily just because the car has a high number of miles on the clock, it can be down to components just not working as well as they used to because they have aged and this compromises optimization of the engine. Of course, any decrease in fuel economy hits your wallet as you pay more at the gas station. This is not something you have to worry about with a lease car though, as you won’t be driving a car old enough for it to show signs of wear and tear.

Fixed monthly rentals

Life is so much easier when we know where we are financially from month to month. There’s nothing like getting towards the end of a month to find that you have a huge repair cost to pay for your car. Many lease cars come with the option to add a maintenance package, covering all repairs. This means that you will not have any unexpected motoring costs and will know exactly each month the amount you have to pay towards your car.

Better safety

Readers of my blog will know how much I love my family and that, therefore, their safety is the most important thing to me. Newer cars are always going to be safer to drive than older cars because there is just less that can go wrong. Everything is new and working at optimum precision, so it is just less likely that something should happen that leaves the driver and passengers in a compromising position on the road. Plus, should you add the maintenance package you are more likely to get any problems fixed as soon as you can. Car manufacturers are always making new advances in car safety too, so by leasing and having new models you are better placed to take advantage of this.