Why You Should Sign Your Kids Up For Music Lessons

When going over ideas for extracurricular activities to sign your child up for, you may have thought about them learning a musical instrument. Sports are great; however, there’s something unique about music. It’s something you should definitely consider!

Learning to follow rhythm and read music isn’t just good for your child’s brain, but also good for their soul. By having an outlet to express themselves in, they’re less likely to act out in other ways which may be harmful. Music can reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve self-esteem.

These are just some of the numerous benefits that your child can benefit from when they learn to play an instrument. Take a look at some of the other reasons you should sign your child up for music lessons.

Increased Learning Skills

Studies show that kids who play an instrument and know how to read music have more efficient memories. Playing an instrument exercises several parts of the brain which play a key role in remembering things.

In addition to brain skills, they also gain life skills. When a child learns how to read music they feel a sense of pride in learning something new. Their brains expand as a result of this “total workout” as seen in this TED video.

Enforces Self-Discipline

Learning an instrument doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time and a lot of practice to master their craft. Therefore, by demonstrating perseverance and commitment, they’ll gain self-discipline.

By setting goals for themselves and achieving them along the way, they’ll have an enormous sense of achievement.

Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Reading music while moving your fingers in the correct formation is the ultimate example of coordination.

When your coordination is improved, your brain will move at a much faster rate carrying onto other areas of your life.

Gives Them a Sense Of Responsibility

Giving kids the job of practicing every single day is a huge responsibility. In addition to being held accountable for their practice hours, they’re also required to keep their instrument clean and safe.

Depending on what kind of instrument they have, you could be looking at something which costs several thousand dollars. Therefore, it’s no small matter being responsible for their musical instrument.

However, one thing you may need to keep in mind, especially if they are practicing for long hours is the quality of the furniture they are sitting on. This is especially important in the case of a piano, as the person needs to be seated the entire time. It could be in your best interest to invest in some good quality wood piano benches, so that your kids don’t get distracted due to discomfort.

Cultural Exposure

Exposing your child to the world of music means they’ll be introduced to different cultures and historical figures. By having a deeper understanding of the origins of the music they’re playing, they’ll be more aware of the eras that came before their time.

Increases Emotional Release

Some children don’t have a place to put all of their pent up energy and feelings. When they don’t yet have a large enough vocabulary to be able to say everything they need to say, music is the perfect language.